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artSPARK Summer Camp


2630 W Belleview Ave
Suite 160

Littleton, CO 80123



Learn to think and work like an artist in a choice-based studio environment! Yes, kids get to choose what they use and make…no themes here, just creative opportunities around every corner. We provide the structure, organization, inspiration, and guidance for imaginations to run wild. The kids are the artists, and decide how they want their art to look in the end. No “cookie cutter” projects or “rules” for a project they must follow (although we do help with ideas and techniques). It’s more like an organized, creative playground or a true artist’s studio…not a free-for-all, and not a teacher-controlled classroom. If your child likes being creative and making things whether that be a drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sensory and creative play, color experiments, hand sewing or weaving, wire sculptures, found object sculpture, or a crazy invention, they will love artSPARK camp. We teach how artists think & work, and allow unique ideas to come to life. Kids will learn creative thinking strategies, try materials and processes in new ways, be exposed to traditional techniques and processes, observe and learn from other famous and current artists, have the chance to take risks, problem solve, collaborate, and make ideas that they get excited about rather than a theme the teacher chose.

Enroll in the grade they will be entering in the Fall. Those that just finished Kindergarten or 5th grade have the choice of enrolling in the younger or older age group. PreK/Kindergarten is half day 9-12 or 1-4. 1st-8th grade options are full day, 9-3. Bring your own lunch and snacks.

Early Bird registration and SALE runs Feb. 1st @10am-Feb. 15th.