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Awesome Warrior Playground Camp


33 S. Pratt Parkway
Longmount, CO 80501
(303) 485-1000



This summer, become an American Ninja Warrior (or just have fun like one!)

Whether brand new to ninja obstacle courses, or a regular obstacle-crusher, all skill levels will have fun, learn, and progress their ability-level throughout the week. To master skills safely and at an appropriate level, campers are grouped by age and experience, and learn/practice on authentic, full scale ninja obstacles, just like the TV show! In addition to our numerous proprietary obstacles, campers will learn the classics such as the warped wall, salmon ladder, cliff hanger, quad steps, wing nuts, and more!

Camp curriculum covers all aspects of becoming a ninja, including: balance, body awareness, agility, swings & catches, grip, strength, power and more. We also cover topics such as training safety, falling appropriately, and the mental skills of facing fears, creating discipline and meeting new challenges with confidence.

Rest breaks and engaging group games are scheduled throughout the day to balance more high-energy activities, and campers will practice on obstacles both inside and outside.

Your kids will come home with many exciting stories to tell of the obstacles they conquered and friends made during the Awesome Warrior Playground Camp!

About us:

Warrior Playground has provided children’s ninja and movement programming to the Longmont area for the last 8-years.

Our youth-curriculum was developed by American Ninja Warrior athlete and facility owner, Sam Banola, who has 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry. Sam is well-known for his unique, effective and uber-fun methods of teaching ninja skills to kids, and his ingenious, one-of-a-kind obstacle-designs.

Our staff are highly trained athletes and coaches, most of whom have competed on American Ninja Warrior and/or other national ninja and obstacle competitions. Safety is our number-one priority, and in addition to their coaching expertise, our staff are rigorously trained in injury-prevention and youth activity management and safety.