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Compositive Primary Summer Programming


2345 N. Ursula St.
Aurora, CO 80045
(720) 452-2522



Compositive Primary is offering 5 weeks of summer programming for children ages 3-10 (Note: Campamento de Español is for ages 5-10).

Dates / Time: June 12 – July 14, 2023 / 8:30am-3:30pm

Meals & Snacks: Please plan to pack your child with a nut-free lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle each day.


In this jam-packed and fun-filled week of putting on a play, the children will become a true ensemble as they bring an original story based on the adventures of Robin Hood to life in drama and song! Group games, music, dance, visual art, and open play together will provide hours of entertainment, as well as an introduction to the main aspects of making theater.

COOKING WITH CARLY, June 20-23, $350

Throughout this workshop, children will be given the opportunity to get creative and messy with their food as we work our way through a series of recipes, activities and playful moments. Our goal is to encourage independence and excitement surrounding food while simultaneously focusing on the importance of an anti-waste mindset. Children will be creating their own recipes, decorating their own chefs’ aprons, collaborating with friends to expand the way they think about food and cultures outside of their own, all while maintaining a sense of play and creative expression.

*All allergies/food sensitivities will be seriously noted and we will have alternative options available for the children who this applies to.*

ART OUTSIDE THE LINES June 26-30, $375

In this fun-filled art camp, campers will unleash their imagination to discover their inner artist! We’ll travel across the globe and through time (metaphorically, of course) to explore all the different ways artists find their creativity and learn to think outside the lines! We’ll end our journey with a super exclusive, VIP gallery opening for friends and family!


Students will be immersed in a bilingual Spanish/English week of lessons and activities. Each day students will ‘travel’ to a new place in Latin America, exploring the food, music, clothing, and traditions of the country. Programming will be centered around Spanish vocabulary to expose students to the language throughout the program. Our goal is to create a foundation and love for learning new languages, trying new things, and growing a worldly perspective.


On a week-long journey through a magical forest, each student will create and transform into their own unique woodland creature. We will explore these characters through making costumes, figuring out how they move, how they talk, and what makes them whole. As these creatures move through the forest on a journey to return a lost fawn to its mother, they will encounter different characters along the path, challenging them in exciting new ways. Through storytelling and dramatic play, we will create our very own storybook fairy tale.