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Summer camp participation inspires kids of all ages to explore unfamiliar topics, facilitates connections with like-minded peers, develops critical thinking skills through inquiry-based interactions, and fosters a lifelong love of STEM. CU Science Discovery is offering a wide variety of K-12 summer camps and high school classes from June 3- August 2. All programs cover exciting, cutting-edge topics relating to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). K-8 summer camps provide an eclectic mix of engaging, hands-on, experiential learning activities designed to inspire exploration beyond the classroom. Week-long summer camps are offered in half-day and full-day formats. Science Discovery staff provides free lunchtime supervision for all full-day programs at the same location. Full-day programs include all camps/classes scheduled as full days (e.g. 9am-4pm or 9:30am-3pm) and morning and afternoon camps that are combined to create a full-day (e.g. a 9am-12pm camp and 1-4pm camp at the same location). Summer 2024 camp topics include Micro:bit project design, LEGO Spike Prime robotics, Boulder ecology, nature photography, programming with Python, board game design, renewable energy, and so much more!

High school classes are designed to connect motivated teens to CU researchers and faculty and give them access to CU science through the use of university equipment, laboratories and resources. Classes are one to two-weeks in length, fitting nicely into the summer schedules of most teens. High school program instructors are passionate about their area of study and are eager to share that with their students. Summer program participants often report feeling grateful for the knowledge gained through their summer experiences with Science Discovery and express appreciation for the insight they were able to gain into different STEM-related career paths. Summer 2024 high school class topics include aerospace, biotechnology, engineering, computer science and robotics, video game design using Godot, biomedical research, mini med school, and more!

All Science Discovery programs are led by an instructor and teaching assistant, with small camp and class sizes that allow for individualized instruction within a classroom setting. Instructors include CU graduate and undergraduate scientists that are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced in their area of instruction. CU Science Discovery is committed to ensuring the safety of minors participating in all camps and classes. All instructors and teaching assistants receive background checks, and all teaching assistants are CPR and First-Aid certified.

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