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Denver Academy Summer Program


4400 E. Iliff Ave.
Denver, CO 80222
303-777-5870, ext 284


Denver Academy Summer Program
Grades 1-12

303-777-5870 x284


Denver Academy’s long-standing summer program for DA and non-DA students has helped hundreds in grades 1-12 with academics, mastering new skills, and good old-fashioned summer fun. 

The DA Summer Program includes academic classes, day camps, tutoring, and academic coaching for students with varied learning profiles, including those with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences. Classes and camps have a maximum of 14 students. 

Academic Coaching and Orton-Gillingham Reading Tutoring are also offered each summer for DA and non-DA students. Tutoring and coaching are available by appointment. Please visit the DA Tutoring web page at for information.

Denver Academy (School Year – August to June)
The Way YOU Learn Best

DENVER ACADEMY CHANGES LIVES. Founded in 1972, Denver Academy (DA) believes that students thrive when taught the way they learn best. Denver Academy is one of the top schools in the nation dedicated to teaching students with varied learning profiles including dyslexia, ADHD, twice-exceptional students, and those with other learning challenges. Small classes of 12-14 students facilitate differentiated instruction. The 21-acre campus in Denver’s University Hills neighborhood is an exceptional learning environment. Denver Academy’s robust curriculum includes challenging academics, technology, arts programs, athletics, character development, and extracurricular offerings. Hands-on learning and cultural experiences enrich each student’s education. Denver Academy’s innovative approach is based on the balance of classroom management, information processing, and academic literacy. Flexible placement in several academic levels within each core subject allows faculty to teach to each student’s optimal level. At Denver Academy, students excel in their strengths and are equipped to overcome their challenges.

Year-Round Admissions: 303-777-5161;

Grades: 2 to 12
Student/Faculty Ratio: 6:1
Need-based financial aid is available.


-DA’s Summer Program offers academic classes for students in Elementary through High School (Grades 1-12). 

-Academics offered include math, science, reading, and writing for Elementary and Middle School students. High School Academics include Algebra, Language Arts, Writing and Executive Functioning classes.

-Day Camps are offered in Denver Academy’s Campos EPC SmartLab (Science, math, Art, Robotics and Technology.) Tailored to the age level, we put technology and learning resources in the hands of students. They enjoy introductions to coding, robotics, 3D printing, and/or music production.

-Skills camps include Elementary LEGO Engineering, Improv and Theatre, Art Club, Young Leaders Council, and Co-ed Sports and Games, to name a few.

-Small class and camp sizes of no more than 14 support a diverse group of learners.

-Reading Tutoring is offered which uses Denver Academy’s phonic-based reading approach using the Orton-Gillingham method.

-Academic Coaching is offered in a variety of subjects at elementary, middle and high school levels: math, reading fluency and comprehension, writing, spelling, and science.