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GOALS (“Get Outside and Learn Something”) is a Colorado nonprofit that combines outdoor adventure with the latest research in youth development to design unique and powerful experiences that transform young lives. Our expeditions are centered around multi-day wilderness river expeditions that push beyond perceived limitations, motivate new discovery, and build the crucial connections that kids today need and are not developing through electronics and social media.

Wild river canyons provide incomparable settings for growth. There is no turning back, no chance to sit out the portions that might stretch us. Together yet tested individually, GOALS kids find the confidence needed to navigate rapids or sleep under the stars – then to share reflections about the experience with their team. This unpredictable, awe-inspiring natural landscape empowers a courageous transformation that is undeniably GOALS.

The setting is just one ingredient. GOALS expeditions can only be as great as the people leading them. Therefore, the guides who make up our expedition leader family are absolutely the best of the best. These are people you want your kids to look up to; the ones you wish you taken to leap to become 20 years ago, or hope to grow into 20 years from now. These are people who turn ideas, passion, and experience into impact.

Finally, the structure of every GOALS expedition sets it apart. Leave your phones behind – they’re a hindrance to authentic connection. Leave your watch as well – “river time” is based on daylight, hunger, and miles to our next camp. By removing them from the confines of technology and the stressors of an over-scheduled life, GOALS kids tap into an entirely different part of their brains; one that encourages awareness, wonder, and creativity and at levels they aren’t used to. Turns out it’s a place they like to be.

When kids live in this part of their brain for several days in a row, exploring the home-grown GOALS curriculum designed by experienced wilderness guides and professional educators as well as the inspiring natural world around them, their lives change. We are proud of the impact we make – and proud that the kids we serve describe our expeditions the same way we do – as something that is “much more than just a river trip.”

Featured Camps

Ruby Canyon, Utah 4-day expedition (4th & 5th grade)
Desolation Canyon, Utah 7-day expedition (Middle school)
Rogue River, Oregon 7-day expedition (Middle & High school)
Main Salmon River, Idaho 8-day expedition (High school)
Rio Futaleufu, Patagonia Chile 16-day expedition (High school/College)