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Marine Science and Mini Swim Camp at Ocean First


3015 Bluff Street
Boulder, CO 80301



Ocean First Swim School provides year-round lessons from ages 6 months through adults. Our focus is water safety and confidence. Our classes are tailored to the individual swimmer based on ability and age. Our teachers are trained and certified in the SSI (Swim Schools International) methodology, ensuring a consistent and effective learning environment. Our facility offers a private 89°F indoor pool that allows our swimmers to always stay comfortable in the water.

Sign up for our Marine Science Mini Swim Camp for a chance to immerse your swimmer into the wonders of the underwater world. Through crafts, experiments, and activities your child will learn about our amazing ocean and its inhabitants. Each day will focus on a different marine topic with an emphasis on how we can help protect the ocean.

After the 90 minute classroom portions, we jump into the pool, where our highly trained swim instructors will work with your child on swimming techniques and building confidence in and around the water. Each week will conclude with a water safety day, where everyone will practice their water rescue skills, including what happens if they fall in with their clothes on and how to help a friend in trouble.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience for kids to immerse themselves into the depths of the underwater world and practice life skills.

Featured Camp Activities:

  • Swimming & Water Safety Skills
  • Marine Science Education
  • Experiments to demonstrate how sharks use electroreceptors, known as ampullae of Lorenzini.
  • Group game that promotes teamwork in mimicking how cleaner fish work in a symbiotic relationship.
  • Playing flashlight tag as a way to demonstrate communication via bioluminescence.