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Mountain Phoenix Community School & Lively Arts Homeschool


4725 Miller Street
Wheat Ridge, CO
(303) 728-9100


1755 Dover Street
Lakewood, CO
(720) 808-5181

“Childhood is not a race!” – Ruldolf Steiner

Mountain Phoenix Community School (MPCS), a public charter school (PK-8), and our homeschool program, Lively Arts (PK-
8), offer a curriculum guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. MPCS is dedicated to our students’ success by understanding their personal rhythm and supporting the unique unfolding of their emotional and social intelligences.
Allowing children to experience the expansive, imaginative joys of childhood is integral, while inspiring them to become creative thinkers. Rich in the arts, music, experiential learning, and scientific inquiry, our curriculum is aligned with festivals and family events throughout the year, along with field trips, and overnight experiences.