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Nature immersive experiences for young learners in a student-led & play-based approach!  Regenerative learning ecology classes available Thursdays, Fridays, Summer Camp Weeks and Full Time school year Forest School.  With a combined 34 years of teaching and guiding experience, we co-create knowledge that instills individual and collective growth within multilingual and multigenerational communities surrounding our youngest learners.

Kids gain confidence, make new friends, and improve their health and well-being by cultivating a deep ecological identity that informs and imprints us in ages 2-8.  Daily schedules have significant blocks for Nature Play following dynamic and complex facilitation by Master’s degree trained Forest School guides and licensed Early Childhood Teachers.

Each week our camps will focus on a different Regenerative Ecology Skill and Awareness. Learn a skill of wilderness survival while also playfully acting like a dinosaur hunter, mystery solver, or time-traveler! Make DIY crafts in sewing, ceramics, or weaving. Delve into role-playing, game design, or theater magic. Our early childhood Guides offer friendly care and attention while helping kids build confidence and connection.

Children will move their bodies, wander and explore, take on responsibilities, practice fine motor skills, do hands-on projects, tell their own stories, make up songs, and play to their heart’s content. All of our programs are a positive way for children to re-connect with nature and their relationship to it. We acknowledge children spend quite a bit of time inside, on screens, or focused on academic skills, and we offer a way for children to learn holistically – that is, with their whole selves. By collaboratively designing their days, children also learn vital relational and problem-solving skills, gain positive mental health strategies & mindfulness techniques, and create ways to find purpose and community in their own backyards.

This is an all-outdoors program with seasonal learning and activities that will include activities to quiet the mind, to learn how to tap into our inner knowing. Following a natural and relaxed pace of our day together are vital. Similar to Peregrine Falcon Wild Hacking to re-establish a population, to regenerate understanding and knowing of our place in the wild world that we are a part of, parents, community leaders, scientists and policy makers alike, are beginning to recognize what most indigenous cultures already know and have known. There is an urgent and vital importance for young children to spend time outdoors, in the wild, and to discover the world through unrestricted play and curiosity. Children’s innate curiosity for nature brings about connection, and learning naturally follows in their own unique rhythm. Children will spend time in a mixed-age group, and a portion of the day in smaller groups according to age.

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