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Whether your child is interested in learning about the mysterious creatures of the ocean, how to improve their swim strokes, or what it’s like to scuba dive, Ocean First has a program that fits their interests. Our variety of youth programs cater to kids from 6 months old to 18 years old.

It is never too early to introduce your child to the water! We offer swim lessons beginning at 6 months old to help students build swim skills and confidence in the water while staying safe and having fun.

Comfort in the water is just the beginning, as we offer a multitude of underwater activities! At any age, kids can learn to snorkel, giving them the skills to explore colorful coral reefs and marine life just below the surface. Once your child turns 12, they can explore the depths of the ocean like marine mammals do, on a single breath, through our freediving program.

Earn your passport to the marine world by learning to breathe underwater through scuba diving. Students may begin their journey starting at 8, and earn their lifelong certification beginning at 10.

Take your ocean exploration to the next level by combining scuba diving and marine science. With our TIDES program, aspiring marine biologists ages 12-18 will participate in citizen science and conservation projects while exploring underwater landscapes, making new friends, and traveling the world.

We offer programming year-round, including after-school classes, summer camps, and even trips to our new location in Key Largo, Florida! Through experiential learning, each young ocean enthusiast will discover what gets them excited about the marine world and how to preserve and protect it while meeting new friends and having fun at Ocean First. We look forward to having your child be a part of our community!


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  • Swim Lessons
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  • Ocean Discovery
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