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In Adventure Quest, your child is the hero of a mythic quest in an incredibly fun, award-winning outdoor experience like none other! In small groups of like ages, children ages 6-17 read maps, solve mysteries and riddles, overcome dynamic challenges, and battle using safe foam swords. Adventure Quest summer camps are designed to develop teamwork, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, communication, and other skills for social emotional development. Highly-trained staff, and over 25 years experience have made Renaissance Adventures a family favorite summer camp since 1995.

Dungeon Delvers® with Renaissance Adventures
Join Renaissance Adventures for a tabletop RPG (Role Playing Game) program that utilizes the Dungeons & Dragons® tabletop game system. Explore and create an adventure in the fantasy world of one of the most popular tabletop roleplaying games. Play as a powerful wizard, crafty rogue, swift warrior, mystical healer, or another exciting archetype. The hero’s journey is full of challenges – dangerous beasts, mythical monsters, negotiations, and mysteries to solve. Come play with RA’s expert game masters and story crafters at one of our in-person camps! Ages 10-17.

Star Quest with Renaissance Adventures
Star Quest is a science fiction themed live-action roleplaying game. Participants band together in small groups of like age to discover strange new worlds, overcome dynamic challenges, negotiate intergalactic treaties, and battle using beanbags and foam swords. Ages 10-17.

Magic Cards & Games with Renaissance Adventures
Learn strategy and tactics playing Magic the Gathering® and other card & board games such as Werewolf®, Coup®, Samurai Sword®, and Avalon®. Our expert game masters will facilitate tournaments and teach new games, while also leading active, movement breaks of foam sword dueling. For beginner & experienced players. Ages 10-17.

PlayQuest with Renaissance Adventures
Renaissance Adventures welcomes our youngest campers to a mythical quest in an incredibly fun, award-winning experience like none other! Journey into a co-created story where every decision matters. Do you dare explore the jungle ruins? Can you salvage parts from the pirate ship to repair your vessel before the kraken awakens? Can you out-riddle the ice dragon? In small groups of six children, the heroes follow treasure maps, solve mysteries and riddles, overcome dynamic challenges, and battle using safe foam swords. Ages 6-8.

Renaissance Adventures Teen Leadership Program
The Knight Leadership offering at Renaissance Adventures is a unique training program where the teens interact with younger campers and support our staff. Knight Leaders assist the Quest Leader to help with activities, challenges, storytelling, plot dynamics. In turn, our staff mentor the teens as they develop their leadership skills. Ages 14-17.