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STEM Coding Camps for kids ages 5-18


Coding with Kids, LLC PO Box 5025
Bellevue, WA 98009-5025



Coding with Kids provides online and in-person camps through our unique Coders Pathways®? for ages 5-18. Online camps are led live by an instructor. Our camps have small groups size, and teach a variety of subjects like Python Programming, Scratch Game Development, Minecraft Modding, Roblox Adventure Games, Little Coders, Robotics, and much more! Our half-day camps are available for AM & PM sessions or combine into a full-day camp.


  • Machine Learning and AI: Intro (Python | Ages 12+) Are you curious about AI? Join us this summer to learn how AI programs are coded, how they adapt, and what makes them intelligent.
  • Minecraft Modding (Minecraft | Ages 5-12+) If your child is crafting worlds in Minecraft, then he is ready to learn how to code these worlds in Minecraft as well.
    Minecraft is the perfect visual tool that helps young age students to understand programming concepts.
  • Scratch: Create Stories and Animations (Scratch | Ages 8-12) Enroll your student this summer into a Scratch camp, to unleash their creativity and bring his story to life.