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Law Mother


98 Inverness Dr E Suite 360
Englewood, CO 80112
(720) 706-0036


You have spent your entire life accumulating assets and wealth. To protect your hard work and safeguard the future of your family, you need an experienced law firm.

We believe in protecting your family’s future so that you can enjoy peace of mind today. We understand that you are busy, but that you also want to provide financial security, prosperity, and comfort for your loved ones after you are gone. This is our priority for you as well.

At Law Mother we take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and guide you through the estate planning process. We create personalized documents that you and your loved ones can rely on in case of incapacitation or death.

Our team will work with you to make planning for the unexpected as simple as possible. We streamline our meetings with you and can help you get from a place of uncertainty to peace of mind in eight short weeks. We charge flat fees for our work, which are always agreed upon in advance so there are no surprises. We offer zoom meetings from the comfort of your home. And, you can expect a lifelong relationship with us, through regular review meetings and communication from our team.

We are Ready to Help You. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation. Our estate planning lawyers in Colorado will gladly answer any questions you have. Go to to schedule a free 15-minute consultation today or call our office at 720-706-0036.