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Ocean First


3015 Bluff St
Boulder, CO 80301


At Ocean First, our vision is to create and support a community of ocean enthusiasts who are passionate about experiencing and preserving our marine environments. Whether your child wants to improve their swim strokes, is interested in learning more about the fascinating underwater world, or has an eye on learning to scuba dive, Ocean First has a program that fits their interests. Our 89-degree private indoor pool, friendly and professional staff, and small class sizes ensure a comfortable learning environment where we focus on safety so your child can focus on having fun! Whether a baby, a sprouting teen, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help guide your child on their journey.

It all begins with the highest quality swim lessons. In fact, Ocean First was voted as a Family Favorite for 2023! We offer classes for ages six months and up that teach students foundational swim skills and water safety while building confidence and awareness. As their ability develops, we offer more advanced classes focused on competitive strokes and endurance.

Our commitment to education doesn’t stop at swimming. We appreciate all aspects of the underwater world and love bringing our other passions into the fold. Beginning at age five, your child can learn to snorkel, giving them the skills needed to explore the colorful coral reefs and marine life that lies just below the surface. Once your child turns 12, they can explore the depths of the ocean like marine mammals do -on a single breath- through our freediving program.

Ocean First began in 2007 as a small dive shop and while we’ve grown a lot over the last 16 years, teaching scuba diving remains one of our true passions. Your child can try diving in the pool as young as eight and can earn their lifelong certification at age 10. 

Once they become more confident and comfortable in the water, they can then take ocean exploration to the next level by combining scuba diving and marine science into unforgettable adventures. Our teen scuba and marine science program, TIDES, gives aspiring marine enthusiasts, ages 12-18, the opportunity to participate in citizen science and conservation projects that foster emotional and intellectual development, increased agency, and a deep connection with nature. 

We offer programming year-round, including after-school classes, summer camps, and even trips to our new location in Key Largo, Florida! Through experiential learning, each child discovers what gets them excited about the marine environment and how to preserve it. Maybe your child will even inspire you to join in the fun! Don’t worry, we offer adult programming for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, freediving, and marine science too, so no one has to feel left out. We look forward to having your family join our community!