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Ta Da Gymnastics


4433 W 29th Ave, Ste 103
Denver, CO 80212


2950 S Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113


Ta Da Gymnastics was founded in 2017 with the vision to bring high quality, low pressure gymnastics instruction to every child. The founder, Erin McDonald, grew up a competitive gymnast and power tumbler, and she couldn’t wait to introduce her daughter to the sport of gymnastics. Knowing the demand of competitive gymnastics she looked for a program that would teach her daughter the sport, but in a positive, low pressure environment. After searching for the right program unsuccessfully she decided to start her own program based on the experience she wanted her children to have. Ta Da Gymnastics was built on providing the best customer experience through Our Gym, Our People, and Our Program. Our Gyms are based on a boutique studio experience in convenient, easy to access locations. Our equipment is designed to be accessible and approachable for preschool and recreational gymnastics students. Our gyms create a welcoming and inviting environment to everyone who walks through the door. Our People simply are the BEST! Our coaches believe in our mission that every child should learn gymnastics due to the multiple benefits the sport provides. They have a deep passion for not only the sport, but for helping children learn and succeed. Our Program is built around keeping kids engaged and learning skills correctly and safely. We don’t want kids feel intimated by the sport, we kids to feel accomplished and successful at their own pace. Our program is designed so that every child can gain the multiple benefits of gymnastics in every class.

Ta Da Gymnastics opened its 2nd location in 2019, and has 2 locations in the Denver metro area. In 2022 a recreational cheer program was added to their Highlands location. The cheer program is the only recreational cheer program in the Denver area, and focuses on teaching an all-star inspired cheer program in a recreational format. Ta Da Gymnastics offers preschool gymnastics classes, recreational gymnastics classes, cheer classes, open gyms, schools out camps, birthday parties, and summer camps.