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Destinations Career Academy of Colorado (Grades 4-12)


, CO


Destinations Career Academy of Colorado (Destinations), an online program of Julesburg School District, is an innovative, tuition-free online school that combines traditional high school and middle school academics with industry-relevant, career-focused courses to give students a jump-start on their college and career goals. Destinations offers concentrations in several in-demand career fields. Explore the pathways under each field and discover the one that may interest your student!

– Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
– Business Management & Marketing
– Criminal Justice & Public Safety
– Education & Training
– Engineering Technology
– Health Science
– Hospitality & Food Production
– Information Technology
– Media Arts

Destinations Career Academy of Colorado
An accredited, tuition-free online public school program for grades 4–12
Career-focused courses in high-demand fields
Colorado-licensed teachers
Social events, extracurricular activities, and clubs
Concurrent enrollment program