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International School of Denver


7701 E. First Place
Unit C

Denver, CO 80230


Multilingual education. Global mindset. Extraordinary impact.

At the International School of Denver, our students don’t just learn a second language–they become immersed in the culture of countries and communities around the world by learning from native speakers, participating in language festivals, and going on international trips.

With our inquiry-based, student-centered, globally-minded International Baccalaureate®️ (IB) framework, we prepare our students to become well-rounded and to think, behave, and see the world differently.

Our students learn how to think for themselves, be curious, ask questions, process information, and connect dots across disciplines and concepts, preparing them to thrive in a world both inside and outside the classroom.

At the core, we are more than a school. We are a global community making the world a more curious and compassionate place, one student at a time.

Chinese. French. Spanish.
International Baccalaureate® (IB)
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