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KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy


18250 E 51st Ave
Denver, CO 80249


Founded in 2015, KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy (KNDLA) serves 550 students from 9th to 12th grade and beyond through our innovative and unique KIPP Forward post-secondary program. Our commitment to developing strong leaders and lifelong learners creates an environment where our students challenge themselves in Advanced Placement classes, myriad electives, and competitive athletics.

Our mission is to develop strong leaders and lifelong learners who possess the knowledge, character, habits, and determination to fulfill their dreams and build a brighter tomorrow. Our commitment to fostering critical thinking, self-discipline, and leadership skills prepares students for college through our AP for All program, where 100% of our students participate in at least one Advanced Placement class. This initiative not only prepares students for college but also positions them to earn valuable college credits which can help lower the cost of college attendance.

We are part of the KIPP National Network – the largest national charter school network in the United States. KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy is also proud to be a part of KIPP Colorado’s educational pathway from ECE-4 to 12th grade. We are one of Colorado’s only intentionally designed schools to offer an ECE to 12th-grade and beyond pathway with direct post-secondary support with our KIPP Forward program.

School features
● Founded in 2015
● KNDLA is 12th-best high school in Denver, according to US News & World Reports!
● 11+ clubs, competitive sports, and extracurricular activities
● Highly competitive athletics