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Midtown Montessori Academy


3480 Ames Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80212


The elementary program at Midtown Montessori Academy at Sloans Lake, a private Montessori school in the West Highland Neighborhood, is an authentic Montessori learning experience for children ages 6-12. Students work at their own pace and receive instruction from highly trained educators that meet the needs of each child. In addition to the Sloans Lake campus, Midtown Montessori Academy boasts two additional campuses, MMA at Midtown and MMA at Berkley Park that meet the academic and social-emotional needs of children from six weeks to 6 years in authentic Montessori classrooms.

One of the many benefits of choosing private Montessori education is that MMA is set up to implement a true and honest authentic Montessori experience, without having to abide by strict testing guidelines or district standards. We take the mindset of educating the whole child- this includes academic, social and emotional education.Math and language instruction cover (and surpass) what is included in the common core state standards that form our public education system in the United States. All the while, following the progression of the child at their own pace while giving them the gentle nudges and encouragement they need to stay engaged in their own learning. Cultural lessons cover everything from astronomy to chemistry- all presented to the children in a way that they can grasp using beautiful handmade materials.

There are two elementary levels at the Sloan’s Lake campus; lower elementary (ages 6-9) and upper elementary (ages 9-12). Classrooms are designed to meet the needs of growing bodies and brains to thrive. When you enter an elementary classroom at MMA, you will see students engaged with handmade wooden math materials or exploring a timeline of prehistoric life. The students work individually or in small groups. Off in another area, a highly trained guide presents a lesson to a small group on grammar using colorful materials. The overarching goal of lower elementary, on top of keeping up with all of the academic standards, is to inspire and ignite a love of learning.

The older children in upper elementary continue to build on skills developed in lower-elementary. Students plan their own field trips, design and research in-depth projects, and are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity. During the day, you may see students take a brain break, play a quick game of 4-square, or work on a project in the outside classroom. Students plan their days and learn essential time management skills.

Midtown Montessori elementary children have PE or Integrated Fine Arts daily. Our unique Montessori inspired Studio offers music and art together. Students have 45 minutes of recess daily. Students work in multi-age classrooms as they learn to collaborate and nurture younger students while developing leadership skills that prepare them for middle school and beyond. Younger students are mentored by peers and develop independence in problem solving. When it comes right down to it, an authentic Montessori education at MMA prepares students for success in the future because cooperation and collaboration are encouraged and supported.