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Rocky Mountain Christian Academy


9447 Niwot Rd.
Niwot, CO 80503


The Rocky Mountain Christian Academy classroom is a peaceful place of learning, where a love of learning is fostered by excellent “living” books and materials in an atmosphere that is free from manipulation and pride; where students are trained in habits that give them freedom to live, learn, and grow into the persons God intends them to be. Our primary concern is the kind of person each child is becoming. RMCA will equip them to be thinking, open-minded individuals of character, who are able to form healthy relationships, to mature in the art of living well and to ideally emulate the Biblical example of leadership modeled by Jesus.

The RMCA student, faculty, staff, and board community will pursue “living well,” as defined by pursuing optimal ways of relating to God, self, others, ideas, creation, work, and leisure; a growing knowledge of and love for Jesus; a humble, proactive servant love of all persons; the habits of excellent work, sweet thoughts and self-mastery; and growing in a rich intellectual life filled with inspirational ideas, great works of science, literature, history, art, music, mathematics, nature, craft, and life-long sports. Parents are invited and encouraged to join in this pursuit.