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Rocky Mountain Christian Academy


9447 Niwot Rd.
Niwot, CO 80503


Do you desire a next-level education for your child;
One rich in ideas, inspiring a real love of learning,
and focused on character formation?
If so, check out RMCA!

Rocky Mountain Christian Academy is located right at the heart of Northern Colorado-easily accessible from every city. From Loveland to Denver, Brighton to Estes, this community and school family is the one you have been searching for. Rocky Mountain Christian Academy is a private Christian, Charlotte Mason Classical PK-8th grade school and has just entered its 25th anniversary. Our campus is located in Niwot, Colorado, right at the feet of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The breathtaking views from our playgrounds and nature walks inspire students to discover and enjoy the beauty that God has given us on a daily basis. Students partake in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including choir, band, jazz band, Chapel, recreational sports, science, literature, handwork, art, nature study, foreign language, field studies, and more-all through a rich, relational, living ideas-based, classical lens known as Charlotte Mason curriculum.

It is the mission of RMCA’s administration and faculty to provide what Charlotte Mason called a “living education,” where each child is exposed to a stimulating, screen free, non-competitive, yet rigorous curriculum in a beautiful atmosphere that is engaging and meaningful. Our primary focus pertains to the kind of student each child is becoming. With high expectations and supportive teachers who mentor and guide, the potential of our students is unlimited. RMCA’s families who stay through middle school often find their students are more than ready to take on high school and college level courses–with stride!

When we look at a child, we strive to view him or her as a whole person, a boy or girl born with an innate desire to know and a curiosity to see the beauty of the world. We see minds hungry for ideas and hearts hungry for the opportunity to care. We recognize and strive towards helping each child develop a discipline of habit to form sound character for a lifetime, facilitating a living education through an idea-rich atmosphere by engaging every student in their own learning, and serving as models of discipleship and scholarship to prepare students for a faithful and successful adult life. We believe in nourishing and inspiring virtue through engagement of truth, goodness, and beauty in all studies. We acknowledge the need for students to learn, extend kindness, discover, and serve others wisely, as well as the need for them to grow in readiness, honor, gratitude, and integrity. It is our vision and privilege to cultivate a joyful, peaceful atmosphere best suited for children to thrive in all ways. We do this by partnering with parents in providing community, support, strength, and arms around every student, so that each can realize and reach their full potential.

If you are curious about what Rocky Mountain Christian Academy could look like for your family, check out our website and schedule a tour today.