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Sky Ranch Academy


849 N Carrie Street
Watkins, CO 80137
(720) 574-9548

Sky Ranch Academy is dedicated to developing students through accessible and rigorous instruction that empowers them to become their very best. We believe every student can succeed given the right balance of challenge and support, coupled with personalized instruction and experiential learning. Our well-rounded curriculum incorporates college-prep academics and a focus on moral character, preparing students for a lifetime of educational and personal success. All grades will meet for classes Monday – Friday. We never set limits on how much your child can achieve. At Sky Ranch we create endless opportunities for your child to become their best. We shape instruction to build on the strengths and abilities of each child and make moral focus lessons part of every school day. Our students not only excel but thrive.

A study done by Stanford University reveals that our students outperform their peers from surrounding schools by a remarkable 3.5 months each year.