Colorado Parent Directory

St. Anne’s Episcopal School


2701 S. York St.
Denver, CO 80210
303-756-9481 ext. 209


There is no place quite like St. Anne’s Episcopal School. Hidden just inside the city of Denver, our picturesque 7.5-acre campus inspires students on a daily basis. Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our dedicated teachers challenge students every day. Serving children in preschool through eighth-grade, we provide a consistent and nurturing experience from our earliest learners through middle school.

Since 1950, we have provided an inclusive, nurturing, and uplifting environment where all children are supported. We aim to foster a community of character, humility, and kindness while providing a balanced program that includes outstanding academics, athletics, and the arts. Our program includes: art, music, drama, technology, language classes, an outdoor education program at our foothills campus, and physical education. Additionally, we offer extracurricular programs, service learning opportunities, after-care, and middle school sports.

Grounded in the values and traditions of our Founding Sisters, our graduates are empowered by their sense of belonging. Most importantly, they know themselves, care for others, and strive to serve and improve their communities.