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Watershed School


1661 Alpine Blvd.
Boulder, CO 80304


At Watershed, we are laser-focused on our mission – to prepare students to take on the world’s greatest challenges. To do this, we focus our Expedition courses on real challenges in the world – asking, “What do we need to learn to truly understand this challenge in all its complexity?” and “How might we make a contribution to addressing this challenge?” As such, we help students develop deep, transdisciplinary understandings of the world, we learn first-hand, directly from experts and experiences, we build partnerships with other organizations working on these big challenges in the world, and we always ask, “How can we make a difference?” Additionally, we help students learn how to build strong communities – because addressing the world’s great challenges requires us to work together. When students graduate from Watershed, they are ready to take on the challenges of college work and they are ready to make a difference in the world.

Watershed School knows that partnership among our students, our parents, and our educators is critical for student learning and growth. We all bring different perspectives and expertise to the table. Our students are experts at asking deep questions – questions that are real in the world, and alive in their hearts. Our parents are experts on their children – their strengths and challenges. Our educators are experts on adolescent learning and growth. The exciting work for students, parents, and educators at Watershed is to ensure that we are partnering well – drawing on these areas of expertise – to ensure student academic, social, and emotional growth.

Watershed students never sit in class and wonder: “When will I use this in real life?” At Watershed, students learn by going off campus, working with experts, and creating solutions to real-world problems.

Watershed has an integrated curriculum concept with project-based learning as the cornerstone of the students’ learning initiatives.
Watershed provides meaningful opportunities for students to dive deeply into academic, social, and cultural learning outside of regular coursework. Uniquely Watershed, our Signature Programs include: Advisory, Orientation at the beginning of the school year, and May Term Courses.

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